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What Is The Importance Of The School ID Card?

What Is The Importance Of The School ID Card?

In recent years, awareness regarding school safety and security has increased. Unfortunately, violence on campuses across all education levels has increased, coming not only from external but internal forces as well. In light of this, communities have decided to take action where they can to prevent such violent incidents from occurring. One such action is the introduction and use of school ID cards. We take a look at how exactly school ID cards help secure educational facilities.

Identify and Control Access

School ID cards allow school employees to easily identify students, and conversely, those who are not enrolled. ID cards also help identify who may be from another campus, or have certain privileges revoked. School ID cards allow active students to access buildings, libraries, locker rooms, and other facilities that are off-limits to those without an active ID card. Expiring school badges are also a good option for schools who have visitors for ½ day or full day visits as the badge will display a red covering showing the visit has expired. 

Help Identify Staff Members

In the case of campus emergencies, it is pivotal that students can quickly identify staff members who can assist with the situation. School ID cards can help quicken the identification process when speed is of the essence. If staff members have special skills or privileges, these can also be indicated on their ID cards to help distinguish them so that students know to approach them if need be. 

Distinguish Students and Faculty from Visitors

Campuses are dynamic places where new students and faculty members are always being introduced. With this fluctuating population, it’s not always easy to distinguish students and faculty from guests. Being able to identify visitors is critical in case of emergencies. School ID cards can help ensure that everyone on campus has been accounted for and identified. 

Grant Access Control

With school ID cards, schools have the ability to control who has access to certain areas of campus. Modern school ID cards are equipped with access code systems that allow for entry to particular rooms only if the barcode on the card has been scanned and accepted. ID cards also allow faculty or staff to verify the identity of individuals who claim to be students, or who are attending school trips or events. Knowing whether students and staff members are allowed access to certain areas helps increase security across the board.

As more and more institutions start to use school ID cards, they’re also exploring different types of designs. Students and faculty always need to keep their ID cards both easily protected and accessible. Lanyards are a great option in this case – customizable lanyards have proven to be especially popular for campuses as schools are able to personalize the design to match their school’s visual identity and cultivate a sense of school pride. The experience of having a school ID should be seamless for students, and customizable lanyards are a great way to help with that. However, what remains most important about a school ID is the safety it grants students, faculty, and everyone else on campus.
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