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How The Evolis System Helps Protect Your Office Building

How The Evolis System Helps Protect Your Office Building

The Evolis System was designed to help secure and protect workplaces and facilities such as office buildings. This single system has multi-dimensional benefits, as we’ve highlighted here. 

Helps Identify Personnel Immediately

Employee badges are a convenient and efficient way to easily identify company personnel on the premises. Not only does a design unique to your company help the badge stand out, but it also works as a piece of branding as it includes your logo and other brand design elements. Badges can also be printed with personal details that help you identify your employees, such as:

  • Photo
  • First and last name
  • Job title
  • Department
  • Worksite

With these badges, employees will be able to confirm their identity at all times and be instantly recognizable to anyone on site. 

Enhances Organization’s Image

More than just helping out with organizational security, badges can also act as a marketing tool. A personalized employee badge in line with your company’s visual identity can boost the perception of your company. Since badges are known to be a key security feature, your partners and customers can also feel safer when they see your employees wearing their badges, as they know that they’re interacting with an organization to which security is key. 

Keeps Your Data and Sensitive Areas Safe

Employee badges can also function as access control cards. This helps you to prevent intrusions by people who have not been authorized entry to your premises, or any other company data. Having an employee badge thus allows you to keep your premises, data, infrastructure, and employees safe from any unwanted visitors.

Simply adding a QR code, barcode, or direct encoding in the card to your badge can help you manage access to your buildings, data, and sensitive areas. A contact or contactless chip (also known as an RFID) can help serve the same purpose. 

If your device is implemented with a simple contactless card reader, you can also benefit from optimized hygiene and flexibility of access control when it comes to large crowds.

Secures Badges with Forgery Protection

Laminated badges have improved security and last for several years longer than non-laminated badges. The smallest alteration made to the laminated film can highlight any attempts at forgery. To  further boost your level of security, incorporate a holographic design. This design can either be generic or fully-personalized.

Multi-Use for Greater Flexibility

Access badges can also be used to manage employee working times when linked to a clock-in/out system. Your human resource department can thus have an easier time monitoring employee attendance and hours. 

In addition, you can increase efficiency by adding other services to your employees’ access badges. These can include contactless payment for vending machines or access to materials such as printers and photocopiers. Designed to keep your office building, its infrastructure, your data, and employees secure, these badges can also increase workplace efficiency and improve the perception of your company to partners and customers. With all these benefits, the Evolis system is the way to go to optimize your organization today. 
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