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Tips To Customize Badge Reels

Tips To Customize Badge Reels

Are you looking to custom some badge reels for your company? It is a great option as it is very economical and low costing that can effectively promote your brand or organization! While doing so, it can increase company security as it allows you to safely display your personal credentials all the time. Since badge reels are very compact, they are much more convenient to carry around unlike lanyards that can get easily tangled up in machineries or in your bag. It has dual purposes where it can hold your keys or your ID cards when needed. Badge reels come with retractable cord with an attachment at the end of it. The attachment allows you to attach your ID card. If you would like to show off your card to someone or swipe it on the card reader, you can pull the reel which will cause the cord to extend. You can push a button for the reel to retract its cord and slide the ID back. Custom badge reels are made out of plastic like ABS or polycarbonate which are quite durable materials. These badge reels can last as long as your standard ID card but the plastic cover of the reel would have to be changed due to wear and tear. It is a marketing piece that will help promote your organization or brand. Having these custom retractable ID badges which are very affordable marketing tools that will get your organization noticed! Here are some tips for custom badge reels you can consider!

Rim Print

You are able to put a custom message on the reel around the rim. Do ensure that you add a custom image with high contrast so that the image looks pleasant and the text can be read well. The image on your rim should showcase your organization logo or name to promote your organization. Rim print badge reels are very convenient and it ensures you would not lose your ID card. No matter how far your ID card is from your body, it is attached to you by a very thin cord. As such, you should consider a rim print for your organization!

Pad Print

A pad print badge reel has a custom image that is printed in the center of the badge reel. You should choose a contrasting color so that your image or logo can stand out. Consider colors that are bright and outstanding so that it can be more obvious. The pad print badge reels are made with good quality materials which will fit your branding needs and your budget.

Color Label

Color Label is a design where the custom message is directly printed on the rim and the image is printed in the middle with white label. The label will then be adhered to the center of the badge reel. Once it is adhered, it will be difficult to peel the sticker off. It is very simple and comfortable to wear around because it is very light.

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