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How Often Should You Change Your Lanyards For IDs

How Often Should You Change Your Lanyards For IDs

It's difficult to walk around today without seeing at least several people wearing or carrying a lanyard. What's more, they're used for a relatively significant number of reasons. People carry keys on them, bus passes, company/school IDs, money, credit cards, passports, and more.

If your company relies on a security system that uses ID cards with which to access the building or rooms within the building, your employees have a choice of carrying their ID cards in their wallet, or their pocket or using lanyards for IDs that they'll use on a frequent basis.

Let's take a closer look at these lanyards and their life expectancy.

The First Lanyards

In the late 15th century, privateers and French soldiers were using lanyards. This is the first verified use of them. These lanyards allowed them while entering combat or climbing the rigging on their ships, to keep weapons close at hand. The French word for "strap" – "laniere” – is where the word "lanyard" comes from.

What Does OSHA Say About the Life of a Lanyard?

OSHA seems to have something to say about just about everything when it comes to businesses. About the only thing they talk about regarding lanyards is the following: Due to damage, wear, and other deterioration, components that are defective should be removed from service (OSHA 1926.502). Technically, they're not specifically referring to lanyards in this section.

So, no black-and-white answers are found with OSHA, simply general guidance.

Looking at Your Lanyard

If you do a visual inspection of your lanyard, with a little common sense, you'll know whether or not it needs to be replaced. To help you make that determination, when making your visual lanyard inspection, take notice of the following:

  • Are there any illegible tags?
  • Are the lanyard’s snap hooks damaged or corroded?
  • Does it show some kind of trauma suggesting that it fell, got pinched, snagged, cracked, etc.?
  • Is there paint on the lanyard’s webbing or is it soiled, discolored, burned, cut, frayed, or ripped?

Note: There will be differing signs pointing to the need for lanyard exchange depending on the type of item the lanyard supports: i.e., weighty equipment versus a small ID card. 

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