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How Does A Proximity Card Work For Access Control

How Does A Proximity Card Work For Access Control

For any number of access control systems, one popular choice is proximity readers. Do you think your company could make good use of this type of system? Not sure what a proximity card reader even does? The first security measure people encounter as they arrive at your location is a door access reader. If they want to get in, someone needs to use an ID card and proximity card reader in order to gain entry. Ideally, everyone who works in your building has, on their person, an authorized proximity card.

To communicate wirelessly, radiofrequency identification (RFID) is used by many businesses today. The system combines proximity (ID) cards and readers to provide system information. The authorization data encoded on the cards is communicated/utilized to provide access to the individual with the card.

Security in Your Building

One great option for commercial building security is that of proximity cards and readers. To meet a vast array of needs, they can be specifically programmed. But there are various reader types available. It's crucial you understand which would work best in your environment before you think about installing a proximity card reader/access control system. You may want to talk to a specialist.

Card Reader Types

Depending on how proximity readers connect with the access control system, and according to their power supply, these readers can function differently. For access control, the following four types of proximity card readers are most common:

  • Wireless proximity readers
  • Wired proximity readers
  • IP-connected proximity readers
  • Stand-alone proximity readers

Proximity Card Reader Benefits

So why, in commercial and office spaces around the world, are proximity readers so frequently used? Well… 

  • They've been around for decades
  • They're pretty simple to implement
  • They require little ramp up or training time after being installed
  • A number of people are already familiar with how they work 

Those are four great reasons to go with this type of access control for your building. 

Pitfalls and Security Concerns

Maybe you already have this type of system protecting access to your building. How old is it? It's time to upgrade if any of the following vulnerabilities exist with your proximity card reader:

  • Hackable backend hardware
  • Insufficient read range
  • Key cards are easily copied
  • No fail-safes or backups
  • Data is stored locally

Installation, Costs, Planning

To choose the best system for your building access control, you'll need to consider a number of factors. Before installing new readers, you may want to have a technician review your building for the following:

  • The amount of space you have
  • The wiring needed for the system
  • What types of door locks you have, their condition, etc. 
  • … and consider other desired security features 

Then, a determination of the precise reader you need can be made.

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