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A Guide To Taking An ID Photo

A Guide To Taking An ID Photo

Are you one of the many individuals who stress out over having your photo taken for an official ID card, security badge, employee/school ID, or license? Here, we are going to include a set of guidelines as to how to take ID photos in a better fashion. Hopefully, it will help you be less stressed out the next time you have to get your picture taken. 

Before You Begin the Picture Taking Process 

Prior to any pictures or even posing for them, there are some things that should be considered for the best results: 


So the shoulders and face are visible, frame your subject and have them face directly into the camera. Because cropping can be done later, don't be particularly concerned about size.


Choose an unobtrusive background such as a white wall or a portable backdrop that will be used for everyone.


Bad lighting can take a good picture and ruin it in a heartbeat. Harsh fluorescent lights can bring out the worst in your subject's features. Consider using natural light from a window or an alternate, photography-based light source.

The Quality of Your Camera

When it comes to digital ID cameras, not all are created equally. The photographer should be familiar with the little quirks associated with the camera they’re using. In particular, be aware of the delay that exists between pressing the shutter and actually taking the picture.

Photographer/Subject Interaction

The photographer should be in clear communication with the subject. To relax the person, the photographer should consider establishing a rapport. They should also inform the person as to whether the company is insisting upon a serious expression, or if they can smile.

For the Person in the Photo

For the best photo ID picture, here are a handful of things to remember as the person who will appear in the picture:

  • Relax
  • Be both prepared and calm
  • Practice your look in the mirror (hair, makeup, facial expression, outfit, etc.)
  • Take your practice look one step further by posing for a few quick digital photo samples on your phone, laptop, etc. (which can be erased with ease)

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