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8 Benefits Of Choosing A Horizontal ID Badge

8 Benefits Of Choosing A Horizontal ID Badge

What type of security system exists in your company building? Are you considering installing a system that utilizes ID badges? Do you already use ID badges to access the building and/or specific rooms within the building? Either way, you will need to decide whether you're going to use a horizontal ID badge style or a vertical ID badge design.

More times than not, this is simply a personal design preference rather than actually being based on functionality. Be advised, however, that the most popular choice is the horizontal ID card design. This fact may or may not matter, depending on whether or not you want to roll with the crowd.

The following will show the highlights of each style badge.

Horizontal ID Badge

Reasons to go with the horizontal ID badge consist of the following:

  • There’s plenty of room for company logos and other data
  • Coding graphics, names, and photos are recognizable from a considerable distance
  • More detailed cardholder data can be included, so the holder may be able to use it for other ID purposes
  • Color coding and icons stand out better
  • If you punch a hole in the card, due to the design, the hole is less likely to go through print graphics or the photo
  • Generally speaking, horizontally designed ID cards tend to get in the way less often
  • The lanyard attachment or strap clip is less likely to provide interference when swiping, thanks to the horizontal design
  • If placed in a pinned card holder, it can be worn as an ID badge

Note: For the best results, barcodes (that you swipe) are best located along the card’s longest edge.

Vertical ID Badge

Choose the vertical format because:

  • It has limited personal data, so it's safe to carry in your wallet
  • It can provide proof of over or under 21 years of age 
  • It can be used for manufacturing, administration, for school IDs, etc.
  • The card can distinguish between part-time or full-time employees
  • The style can be used for hospital joint commission cards
  • These cards can be worn on a lanyard or as a badge (with pinned card holder) 
  • They can list/identify titles, departments, first and last names, and more

Note: On a vertical badge, very often, logos cannot be printed as largely and clearly as they can on a horizontal badge.

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