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A Guide To Printer Cleaning Kit

A Guide To Printer Cleaning Kit

Proper care and maintenance are key to prolonging the life of an ID card printer. Proper maintenance can keep print quality high and lowers the possibility of performance issues down the road. With that said, how often should you clean your printer? How beneficial are printer cleaning kits?

Generally, an ID card printer requires a good clean after every 700 to 1,000 cards are printed. You should follow manufacturer-specific instructions found in your printer manual, but the aforementioned is a good gauge to follow. If your printer starts producing poor graphic quality, has issues with card feeding, or you notice ribbons that break or tear, you might need to clean your printer immediately.

How do I Clean ID Card Printers? 

The very first step is to buy a cleaning kit specifically for your printer. Manufacturers sell cleaning kits catered for specific models, so it is critical to find the correct kit. Using the wrong kit can cause damage to an ID card printer!

What does a Cleaning Kit Comprise? 

Each manufacturer typically puts together cleaning items that cater to a  specific printer, but as a rule of thumb, most kits comprise printhead cleaning pens, wipes and swabs, short or long cleaning cards, cleaning cloths, and cleaning rollers.

Cleaning the Rollers in the Printer

A cleaning kit carries a cleaning card that resembles a standard PVC card, but it is actually bathed in a cleaning solution. Run this card through your printer to clean the rollers. Remember to also clean the roller that feeds blank cards into your printer. This specific roller collects dirt so that it is not exposed to the printer. Fret not; your printer manual will have instructions for cleaning this roller. 

Cleaning the Print Heads 

Your kit includes cleaning pens or swabs for cleaning print heads. It is important to clean the print heads regularly so that your ID card printer prints clearly, leaving no marks on the cards.

Replace Your Printer Ribbon 

Manufacturers have various instructions on when to purchase new printer ribbons. Following such guidelines help your printer’s printing quality to remain high. Do be careful when purchasing brand-specific printer ribbons; using the wrong ribbons may harm your printer! 

Other Considerations 

To ensure your ID card printer is clean at all times, you can cover it when it is not in use. This keeps dirt and dust out, a factor that can cause your printer to spoil, resulting in expensive repairs. If your printer is portable and you always transport it around, consider buying a case to keep it safe. 

Another great practice is to purchase a can of compressed air to frequently remove dirt off your ID card printer. This ensures your printer can still function properly in the long run.

Cleaning kits typically have a shelf life. If you purchased a kit more than 12 months ago and have not used it, it probably isn’t as effective as it was in mint condition. It is important that you utilize cleaning kits before they expire to enjoy the best benefits possible. 

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