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4 Reasons An ID Holder Is Better Than A Wallet

4 Reasons An ID Holder Is Better Than A Wallet

Wallets and purses have been around a long time. All of us need something handy to keep our valuables in. Hence, the existence of wallets: an accessory that secures money and belongings safely, yet easily accessible. However, with the rise of technological advancements, the design and style of wallets have drastically changed, evolving from coin purses to ID or card holders. Here are 4 reasons a working adult should carry an ID holder instead of a wallet today!

It’s Easier to Carry an ID Holder for Active Outings

If you’re going for a jog, hike or to the gym, an ID holder is ideal because it could easily fit in the small pockets of gym shorts or sweatpants. An ID holder can typically carry some folded cash and a few cards, making it convenient to run errands after a workout. A cardholder won’t bulge when filled with coins and is easier to access from your front pocket, rather than being tossed into a backpack full of items, for instance. Additionally, a chunky wallet could get in your way when you’re lifting weights or pounding the pavement.

Lower Risk of Losing Your Cards

Most ID holders are equipped with features that lock cards into place when they are inserted, ensuring they won’t fall out and end up lost. For instance, 3id Management’s Adhesive Badge Holder comes with a zipper closure that protects a credit card-sized ID badge, along with a loop and eye closure adhesive that sticks tightly to shelving units and hard hats for heavy-duty work. The zipper closure also keeps moisture or dirt out.

Some of these card holders have a release that fans out your cards quickly, so you can immediately identify and retrieve the card you need at that moment.

RFID-Blocking Feature

With skimming fraud increasingly becoming a part of modern life, most ID and cardholders today have RFID-blocking as a standard feature. RFID-blocking ensures that readers don’t accidentally pick up the data in RFID-based ID cards and credit cards that are in a wallet. However, the cardholder market has kept itself abreast with this trend quite quickly, thus making holders more secure.

Improve Organization Skills

Another advantage of carrying an ID card holder is that it makes you prioritize the items that you need to carry on a daily basis. Choosing a smaller cardholder means you would have to structure and organize your daily personal items such as driver’s licenses, credit cards, store cards, and others.

Often, when we purchase a new wallet and empty out the old one, we discover the amount of unnecessary stuff we carry around daily. Carrying a cardholder can truly help us to narrow down the highly important items we need. The selection of items could include a public transport card, bank account cards, and some folded cash for emergencies. Furthermore, hectic lifestyles have driven people to become more efficient and carrying a card holder saves one a lot of time and effort. Reach out to 3id Management today if you wish to carry an ID card holder!

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