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5 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Signature Pad

5 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Signature Pad

There is a plethora of digital signature pads available that can be paired with card design software to produce a signature on an identification card. An electronic signature pad can also identify signatures in digital documents (like medical records or any form of business that requires an electronically signed document to be stored in a database).

Many accounting and tax organizations require various signature pads for different needs. Selecting the most appropriate model is simple when you address what you truly need in a signature pad. Here are 5 excellent questions to ponder over which could help you in your purchase.

While Signing, Is There a Need to View the Signature on the Electronic Pad?

If your answer is ‘yes’: We suggest a backlit-LCD or an LCD display model.
If your answer is ‘no’: A non-LCD pad is the most inexpensive yet sufficient.

Would You Need the Pad to Display Graphics and/or Text?

If your answer is ‘yes’: A bigger-sized LCD model is recommended (4" x 5" or 5" x 7" color, 4" x 3" mono or color).
If your answer is ‘no’: A standard size LCD pad would suffice.

Would You Want the Pad to Only Capture Signatures?

If your answer is ‘yes’: A model sized 1" x 5" is recommended.
If your answer is ‘no’: Any model with a display panel of 1" x 5" or larger would be ideal.

Do You Foresee a Low Volume of Signatures (Lesser Than 25 Signatures Daily On A Single Pad)?

If your answer is ‘yes’: A SigLite signature capture pad would do the trick.
If your answer is ‘no’: If you foresee high signing volumes, we suggest opting for a SigGem pad.

Can Spare Parts Be Bought Online?

While you are better off buying a pad that has at least a two-year guarantee, it is always better to ensure that you can source the parts you might need online before making a purchase. However, with newer models or models produced from established companies, this is not much of a huge deal breaker for many consumers. Nevertheless, it is still important to do proper research to avoid regretting your decision a few years down the line.

Essentially, signature pads are excellent devices for signing documents, agreements, or contracts. They come in various forms and typically are used with either a pencil or pen. The most effective devices come with a smooth writing surface and a comfortable writing instrument.

Millions of people from around the world have used paper and pen to sign critical documents, but today, all of these signatures can be easily documented through a simple digital signature pad. Digital signature pads allow you to simultaneously record and save signatures, ultimately helping many companies and organizations save lots of time. Such pads are readily available in various sizes, shapes and tones to suit your preferences and needs. Furthermore, most users of the signature pad would concur that the device is so easy to use. You may also consider 3id Management’s Tru Signature Pad or simply reach out to 3id Management directly for additional assistance!

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