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3 Common Sizes For An ID Card

3 Common Sizes For An ID Card

It’s critical that you use the right type of card when printing ID cards. Plain white cards are frequently used for photo IDs, although they are available in very few sizes. We would like to share a lowdown of the most popular ID card dimensions so that you can choose the right ID card size in the future!

What are the Various Sizes of an ID Card?

  • CR79, measuring 84mm x 52mm
  • CR80, measuring 86mm x 54mm 
  • CR100, measuring 100mm x 70mm


CR79 cards are a little bit smaller than regular cards. These cards fit well in a protective clamshell, mostly with an adhesive surface for heightened security. You will notice that quite a few access control cards that have RFID technology follow CR79 specifications. Usually, these cards are more durable in harsh outdoor environments, hence ideal when used as key cards.

Not all printers accept this card size, so it is critical to check for compatibility with your ID card printer when using CR79 cards.


The CR80 is the most popular size of the ID card. It measures 86mm x 54mm, and shares the same exact dimension as a normal credit card. Most ID card printers accept this size.

The CR80 is the most frequently used card in photo ID printing. Loyalty cards, library cards and membership cards also follow the same dimension. CR80s come in a range of materials and not just plastic. You can purchase CR80 cards made from recycled plastic, PVC, biodegradable composite, and even paper as well.


The CR100 is the largest ID card size on the market. It measures 100mm x 70mm and is useful in situations where many people have to be recognized easily and quickly, like at trade shows, conventions, and festivals. If you are using cards at large-scale events, you will also require lanyards to show the cards.

As CR100 cards have more surface space, they are ideal if you have to show lots of text and graphics. Naturally, these cards and their specific printers are more expensive than the CR79 and CR80 models, with cards typically printed by a dedicated printing service.

ID Card Thickness

More than just sizes, cards come in a selection of thicknesses. We measure card thickness in “mils”, where 1 mil equates to 0.001 inches. For instance, the regular card thickness is 0.003 inches or 30 mils.

Still, many card printers today let you adjust the card thickness by a few inches, so you don’t have to worry about getting the thickness all wrong! But regardless of which ID card size you choose, cards must be carefully maintained and secured to prolong longevity. You will also save money in the long run if your cards are kept properly.

Picking the right ID card size also ensures your cards can fit in specific ID card holders. Whether you are looking into buying new holders or already have them, you must ensure the dimension of your ID cards is correct. Cardholders are highly useful in protecting cards from any damage!

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