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Lanyard With ID Holder: Is It Necessary?

Lanyard With ID Holder: Is It Necessary?

If you've ever been provided a lanyard with your ID card, you may have wondered just how necessary this strap of fabric and the clear wallet attached to it is for staff members. Read on to learn more about the much-needed benefits the humble lanyard with ID holder brings to the table.

A More Efficient Lifestyle

A lanyard provides a hands-free experience that brings tons of convenience to your life. This perk doesn't seem very important at first glance. However, it certainly makes your experience much smoother to the point that you forget how troublesome your lifestyle can be without one. Imagine going through the motions of displaying your ID to security, or scanning your ID to enter your office every day. Without a lanyard to hold everything together, you may not have the free hand to grab your morning coffee or press the lift buttons.

Furthermore, there are two types of ID holders that you can use with your lanyard. While they're both excellent choices, they provide different benefits that'll appeal to different people. They're either clear soft PVC holders or rigid plastic holders. Which one is most suitable for you?

Clear Soft PVC Holder

Clear soft PVC holders are clear wallets with holes punched in for attachment purposes. This accommodates both single and double-ended lanyard types, meaning you can use any lanyard you want with them. They're necessary if you frequently have to display your ID card during work hours. If you attend corporate events such as trade shows and conferences often, you'll also find them useful for your attendee pass. 

We recommend the double-ended lanyard to attach your clear holder to, as it prevents your ID card from reversing, which will then require  you to check the position of your ID card frequently.

Rigid Plastic Holder

If you prefer a more secure option, rigid plastic holders are the pick for you. With a stiffer plastic holder, you don't have to worry about your ID card not being able to last. Furthermore, they're more accommodating for thicker or bulkier ID cards. This is recommended if you do a lot of heavy lifting and physically demanding errands.

If you're an essential worker during these tough times, you should also note that rigid plastic holders can be sanitized and cleaned easily compared to the flimsier PVC holders.

Accessories to Fulfill Your Personal Needs

Badge accessories add a whole new dimension to your ID setup. The variety of end-fittings that you can attach to your lanyards allows you to make your lanyard more than just a strap for your ID holder. By attaching more items such as hand sanitizers, keychains, and more to your lanyard with the use of clips, you can make your daily routine even more convenient and seamless.

Need a Lanyard With an ID Holder?

For every potential work-related need you have, there's a variety of lanyards and ID holders available. Now that you understand the importance of your everyday lanyards and ID holders, feel free to check out 3iD's election of lanyards with ID holders today!

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