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Badge Reels For ID Card: Why It's A Perfect Match

Badge Reels For ID Card: Why It's A Perfect Match

Badge reels are an understated essential for your ID card for a variety of reasons: safety, convenience, and the list goes on. If you're still wondering whether you should add it to your ID card setup, read on to understand why you need your very own badge reel to improve your ID card experience.

Extra Safety Measures

If you're familiar with the irritating sensation of your ID flapping against your torso on a lanyard as you walk, you simply must give badge reels a try. This is especially true if you're working with industrial equipment with tons of moving parts. Trust us, you don't want a lanyard putting you at risk of a workplace accident.

Badge reels prevent this due to the tightness of the reel, meaning that it's only long when you want it to be. This keeps your ID card safe and secured by your side, so you can enjoy being on the go with peace of mind.

A Practical Option

You never know what can happen when you're out and about with your ID card. If you're working with children or animals, for example, the last thing you’ll want is a lanyard hanging around your neck. To them, it's a perfect toy just waiting to be pulled. Alternatively, you could accidentally lose your ID card when your lanyard gets dislodged or snagged on an obstacle. 

Badge reels are comparatively tighter and secure, eliminating worries of losing such an important item, so you can go about your day-to-day with reassurance.

Easy Access

A notable issue with lanyards is when you're working in an office setting, where  you have to scan, tap or swipe a card to get to your work space, while also having to hold various other things such as a laptop. Another problem is that in many industries, such as retail, the ID has to be visible to customers. If this is the case for you, then you may be familiar with the awkward process of having to always flip your ID so it's facing the right side. 

The badge reel makes these daily processes much easier to cope with, due to its secure and retractable design. Your days of struggling with long lanyard straps and inconvenient clips are over! We recommend no-twist carabiner badge reels, which always keep your ID on the right side, and prominently displayed.

Having Your ID Always at Your Side

You may need to use your ID card often, or you might need to have it on you at all times due to company policies. Having your ID attached closely to you can be great for such cases. Furthermore, if you're a naturally forgetful person, this can help you to ensure that you don't lose your ID card at the office. This could also prevent some seriously grave workplace incidents, such as a third party using your card to access your place of work and cause trouble for the business.

Have We Convinced You?

Consider browsing through our extensive catalog of badge reels, we're certain that we have the perfect one for your needs!

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