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5 Things To Include In A High School ID Card

5 Things To Include In A High School ID Card

Whether referring to the staff and students in a kindergarten classroom, students and staff at a college campus, or something in between, the use of school IDs is positively impacting the scholastic experience. Restricted areas are more easily protected and various services are accessed by students with the requirement/use of proper identification. While keeping auditable records, practicing cost controls, and maintaining security, access can still be provided by administrators to appropriate individuals.

Here, specifically, we are going to look at high school ID badges and what kind of information should be included on/in them. There are a handful of essential elements that should be included as basic information on, or at least apply to, any high school ID card.


This is an absolute must. A focused, identifiable picture of the student should be displayed on their ID. For easy scrutiny, it should be clear and large. There can be little doubt as to the rightful owner if a picture is included on your students’ high school ID cards.

Information for the Purpose Of Identification

Varying types of information can be applied to/found on student ID cards. Some are as basic as a name and student ID number. Others may include personal details like age, address, phone number, etc. The issue should be carefully considered by the institution issuing the ID. Security and privacy concerns may be raised if too much information is included on the card. The whole purpose of the ID could be diminished, however, if too little information is included.

Careful Design and Layout

What is the goal of an ID card for students? It can be easily and quickly examined and serves as an authoritative document. The layout should be uncluttered and clear, especially if someone will be looking at possibly hundreds of them per day. It should have appropriately sized text, easy-to-read fonts, and an uncluttered, clear design. Regardless of who's looking at the card, it should be easy to understand.

School Mascots/Colors

Two functions are served by adding your school colors and/or mascot to your school IDs:

  • As the issuing organization, your school will be clearly identified.
  • Among the student body, it helps create a feeling of solidarity and can help promote school spirit.

The Use of Technology

A built-in barcode, magnetic strip, or some other type of technology may or may not be used or required where your student ID cards are concerned. This is a choice that's specific to each school. For some schools, the cost may be off-putting. For others, the added benefits will be worth it.

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