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4 Types Of Badge Holder: Which Is Right For You?

4 Types Of Badge Holder: Which Is Right For You?

An essential accessory for anyone with an ID card is a badge holder. However, before you buy, you should explore the different badge holder types. By understanding which badge holder is right for you, you can make your next badge holder purchase a worthwhile one!

Factors to Consider

Of course, ID cards are used for identifying yourself. It’s in the name! However, depending on your organization, there may be other specific purposes and uses for your ID card. The occasion, the durability of your card, and other factors can also contribute to which badge holder suits you best. Before purchasing, consider all of these factors from your work environment. Based on these factors, one of these badge holders should do the trick for you.

#1 – Anti-print Transfer Badge Holder

It can be an annoyance when your card starts to stick to its holder after a long time. Even worse is that when you manage to fish it out of its holder, it would  imprint its image onto the holder itself. This irritating occurrence is known as "dye migration", which is common in environments with high heat and pressure, such as a parked car. An easy way to mitigate dye migration is to purchase an anti-print transfer badge holder designed to prevent it. No more sticking!

#2 – Armband Badge Holder

An armband badge holder is a perfect choice for anybody who's always on the go or just someone who hates how ID cards can reverse themselves, rendering themselves useless for display. By having your badge affixed to your arm, you'll never have to worry about losing your badge, or having your badge shift around ever again. Usually, the arm strap and the badge holder that create this unique ID badge setup are sold separately, allowing you to explore exciting options to mix and match.

#3 – Half Card Holder

If you're frequently swiping a magnetic card to get around in your day-to-day life, a half card holder is a suitable way to accommodate these patterns. These half card holders  only cover a portion of your card, allowing you to use your card for such purposes without going out of your way to remove them from the holder. Now that you don't have to go through the fiddling and fumbling with your ID card every day, you can leave your hands free for your morning coffee. These holders come in both horizontal and vertical orientations, letting you go hands-free regardless of the magnetic card you're using.

#4 – Rigid Holder

If you need more security for your ID card, a rigid holder provides a great sense of safety and reassurance. They're made of stiff material that gives your ID card a hard shell that it can call home. This type of badge holder also helps to accommodate thicker or heavier ID cards, if yours is on the bulkier side that may not fit those flimsy, flexible ones.

Still Can’t Decide?

3iD is a one-stop-shop for all of your ID card needs! If you need more options, take a look at our entire collection of ID badge holders.

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