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2022 Lanyard Trends To Shop Now

2022 Lanyard Trends To Shop Now

Our times are ever-changing, and so are our offices. By updating your lanyards you can reap various benefits such as a stronger brand image, a more cohesive team environment, and more. By understanding the lanyard trends of the year, your work environment will be a cut above the rest.

Return-to-office Embellishments

Recently, offices have begun cautiously opening their doors again. Unfortunately, employees may still be on their toes or struggling with constant changes. Lanyards can be a considerate way to make their transition back into the office a smoother one. 

Some areas of improvement to cater to those returning to the office can be simple fixes. For example, gifting a lanyard with a small bottle of hand sanitizers attached to it by a clip. Such clips are sure to add convenience to your staff members' lifestyles, with an added hygiene factor. Furthermore, anti-microbial lanyards have been a hit, due to their added benefits against microorganisms, hence combating COVID-19 transmissions.

Eco-conscious Lanyards

Eco-friendly lanyards are a must-pick option for any workplace with strong sustainability values and missions. Eco-friendly lanyards on your staff members will not only be a sign of your business walking the talk, but also be strongly on-brand as well. 

Some examples of lanyards designed to be eco-conscious would be those made of sustainable materials. Recycled PET is a sustainable material that provides a similar look and feel to the commonly used material polyester, while bamboo lanyards provide a luxurious, cotton-like texture that will impress wearers with its softness.

Hands-free Lanyards

Lanyards have evolved over the years to serve greater purposes, becoming a much-appreciated convenience tool with multiple use cases. When ordering lanyards for your office, you may notice a heap of possible end-fittings such as rings and clips. 

Now, the notable version of this is the lanyard and badge reel combo. The badge reel tethers itself tightly to wherever you attach it, allowing you to have your ID badge ready at all times while preventing the usual inconveniences. You no longer have to deal with your card shifting and bouncing with every step, causing you frustration. This keeps the mood up, along with the morale of your teams.

Customizable Lanyards

It's always nice to have something made especially for yourself, and lanyards are no exception. Ordering a bespoke lanyard gives you the freedom of choice in every aspect: the color, the material, the end-fittings, and more! To bring your work environment a step further, you can order customized lanyards for the whole office. With the freedom to customize  text and logos, you can add a finishing touch that makes your staff members recognizable. Another use case of this would be ordering custom lanyards in bulk amounts for events. They make great corporate presents and freebies to visitors, ensuring that your business remains on everyone's minds!

Looking to Step Up Your Company's Lanyard Game?

Lanyards are a wonderfully practical item to receive both internally and externally. If you're looking to purchase some lanyards to upgrade your office experience, visit our extensive catalog of lanyards. With so many options, there's surely one that's the perfect fit for you!

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