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Fargo EZ - YMCKO Half Panel Color Ribbon - FGO-45014

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  • YMCKO Half Panel Color Ribbon
  • Includes Cleaning Roller
  • 350 Images
  • Compatible with Fargo C50, DTC1250e, DTC1000, C30, C30e, and DTC300 card printers
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The FGO-45014 half panel ribbon includes half-size YMC panels and full-size black (K) and clear overlay (O) panels along with a cleaning roller. The yellow (Y), magenta (M) and cyan (C) panels are for printing in a full spectrum of colors by combining the colors using varying degrees of heat. The K panel is a black resin panel typically used for printing text and barcodes and the O panel is a thin, clear protective layer. The FGO-45014 can be used with the Fargo C50, DTC1250e, DTC1000, C30, C30e, and DTC300 card printers. The half panel ribbon allow for twice the normal ribbon yield than the standard YMCKO ribbon, at a lower cost per card. Half-panel ribbons allow you to print color on up to half the length of a standard CR8030 PVC card, while resin black may be printed on any area of the card. Ideal use for the FGO-45014 YMCKO half-panel ribbon is when a color image such as an ID picture or logo is needed, along with some black resin printing. Examples of use of the FGO- 45014 half-panel ribbon include pre-printed cards, student ID badges, transportation ID cards, employee badges and club membership cards.