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Custom Expiring Visitor Badge Sign-in Book - 500 Badges - VP-8XX-CU

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The Custom Expiring Visitor Badge Sign-in Book is a system for sign-in that is easy to use. It helps to keep records of the visitors with the extra security of having a name badge. This includes 500 self-expiring 1-day name badges. The product Dimension is approximately 8-1/2 X 11-1/2 x 1/4". The badge fully expires in about 14-16 hours.

Step 1. Pick a style number listed in the images below.

Step 2. Pick a border or background color.

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The new Custom Expiring Visitor Badge Sign-in Book is an easy-to-use sign-in system that keeps a record of visitors with the added security of a self-expiring name badge. Visitor information is recorded. As the Visitor, Receptionist, or Security Person fills out the badge, a duplicate record is being recorded at the same time. This provides the facility with a permanent record of their visitors for future reference. Sign-in information is not visible to other visitors. This allows the Visitor's information to be protected from review by the public (and future visitors). Self-expiring visitor badges. The self-expiring badge displays a red-colored "VOID" once a visitor has been on site for the allotted time, providing a layer of visual security. The color change also prevents tampering and reuse of the visitor badge, so there is no need to collect used badges. Low cost and easy-to-use.