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What Is An ID Lanyard Used For?

What Is An ID Lanyard Used For?

ID lanyards are one of the most commonly used methods for displaying ID badges. They are easy to use and can be paired with any type of uniform or clothing. An ID lanyard can come complete with a range of features that can attach to badge holders, badge reels and identification cards. Virtually anyone can use them; lanyards are universal in nature.

Accessing Secure Locations

Entry to secure premises requires swipe keys or ID cards. Occasionally carrying RFID chips or cards, these lanyards are carried around by staff to reduce the possibility of misplacing important cards, even in stressful situations at work. RFID chips can cost a fortune too; hence, many choose to keep them safely inside lanyards.

Healthcare Workers

Doctors, nurses, supply managers, custodians, and staff who are in charge of medicine and medical supplies use lanyards that can attach to keys. An identification card can be kept close to the body with retractable badge reels for sanitation reasons. Antimicrobial lanyards, specifically, are made with a certain type of coating for healthcare settings.

Social Events

Cruising, for instance, requires people to carry a lanyard with their cruise cards. Some parties also hand out lanyards to partygoers for them to display their marital status. Individuals who participate in various competitions are also required to wear lanyards to gain access to premises that the rest of the public cannot enter. To this day, concerts and festivals are also relying on traditional neck lanyards to identify whether a person has access to the various backstage and VIP areas, and using striking colored lanyards has proven to be effective crowd control.

Driving Employee Engagement

ID lanyards are an ideal strategy for employees to get to know one another better. To avoid feeling awkward and embarrassed that you forgot a colleague’s name, you can simply take a quick look at his or her lanyard when striking up a conversation. This can simultaneously drive more employee interaction and engagement within a workplace.

Advertising Purposes

When it comes to choosing a reliant marketing tool for your business, lanyards have the edge. Many companies print their logos and contact details onto lanyards, strengthening their brand presence at events. Staff might even wear their lanyards outside of work, helping the company to gain more exposure in the long run. Furthermore, lanyards are inexpensive and can be highly personalized and distributed in many different ways.

Determining Rank in a Workplace

While some offices have designated dress codes for various employee roles, you may still not remember your colleagues’ designations by heart. ID lanyards in various colors and styles can help determine which department your colleagues belong to, along with their positions. Essentially, lanyards help keep things organized in an uncomplicated manner.

Never underestimate these lightweight accessories; lanyards can pull double duty in the office. Not only can it hold your ID or security passes, but it can also attach to office keys and a pen. Some even carry a small compartment to hold business cards. The sky is the limit with lanyards, and the same goes for their styles and added features. Customize your own or for your employees with 3id Management today!

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