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The Importance Of Having Visitor Lanyards In Your Office

The Importance Of Having Visitor Lanyards In Your Office

What is the purpose of using visitor lanyards? Safety, access, company brand image, and security are pretty straightforward reasons under normal circumstances. Since the coronavirus and an abundance of armed intruders, however, some companies have tightened their procedures as to who can come and go from their building, certain rooms, cafeterias, offices, etc.

It helps to promote your business if your visitor lanyards are branded, granted. But, to assist in reducing the transmission of a virus – or to prevent entrance by an armed intruder – building access could now be a matter of life and death. Rather than being something you may have simply considered, it's more important than ever to require visitor lanyards whenever someone other than those who already work in the building needs access.

Specifically, why, for your business, are visitor lanyards/IDs so important? Even under normal circumstances – if the time ever comes when communicable diseases and shooters aren't a factor – why should visitor lanyards still be used?

Branding and Promotion

In the world of business, it's vital to have a strong brand identity. On your visitor badge accessories, your branding or logo should appear. If they just happen to leave their badge or lanyard on, even after they leave the building, they’re promoting your business without even knowing it.

If the ID badge has your company branding on it, it will also appear more professional and official to your visitors. First impressions matter, after all.

Access and Security

Visitor ID badges – regardless of the organization or industry – are always useful security measures.

Different levels of security may be applied to a variety of visitors. In keeping your staff and building secure, a prominent role is played by visitor IDs. You'll know who shouldn't be there at a glance if visibly worn visitor IDs are required. 

In areas where certain rooms must be off-limits (to visitors or certain staff members), a crucial role is played by badges/ID cards that limit access.

Visitor ID Information and Features

have branding, your colors, logo, etc. What kind of information should be in/on the badge? The reason for their visit and the person's name are both good starting points. Security clearance and level of access are other things you may want to include on identification cards for visitors.

Some companies even go so far as to quickly put a photo ID on a visitor card. You may also use magnetic strips, UV printing, or watermarks for encoding. 


In addition to the ID badges themselves, there are a number of accessories that can go along with them including the following:

  • Clip-on card/badge holders
  • Retractable badge reels
  • Stickers
  • Wristbands
  • Lanyards

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But there's so much more to our company than stocked and warrantied ID cards. What's more, for a number of the products we carry, there are various selections. If they all look the same to you, or you're not sure which one is best for your purposes, we can be of assistance. Contact us today!

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