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Office Essentials: Why Bulldog Clips Are Needed

Office Essentials: Why Bulldog Clips Are Needed

Bulldog clips or fold back clips. However you wish to call them, they are an inexpensive office essential that do more than just clipping folders or papers together. A bulldog clip offers a hole-free way of displaying artwork and images. For crafters, bulldog clips serve a never-ending list of purposes, from keeping your workspace neat to your twine untangled. Whether you are a fan of pretty décor ideas or simply appreciate practical office hacks using bulldog clips, you have come to the right place. Here are the reasons every office needs bulldog clips:

  • Do you have cables scattered over your workspace, forcing you to work under and around them to get tasks done? Here’s a tip: attach a bulldog clip to the side of your desk and use the metal levers to thread the wires through. The cables will stay neatly in one place.
  • You can keep teabags fresh in the office pantry by clipping the packets closed. Similarly, if you have prepared snacks for a meeting and have leftover crisps or biscuits, keep them crunchy and fresh with a bulldog clip. Or, you can also eat them for yourself.
  • If you ride a bicycle to work, you can protect your clothes on your commute by using a bulldog clip to stop your pants from getting stuck in the bike chain. Truly, the bulldog clip serves more than just office-related duties.
  • You can display photos at your desk using bulldog clips without the hassle of framing them. This also means you can put up more images (yes, including that of your pet cat) in a smaller space.

There are various types of bulldog clips. These are the two commonly known ones:


It is hard to find clips that do a better job than those made by X-Acto. Made of nickel-coated steel, these objects have a width of 2.25 inches, and offer a decent clamping area with strong springs, yet release with so much ease. You can use them to hold papers and we can guarantee that they would not ruin your documents. These clips are the ideal office accessory!

Tim Holtz Idea-ology

Tim Holtz’s bulldog clips are not for heavy-duty tasks, but do the magic for small tasks. Each clip has a satin nickel coating that gives them a bit of a rustic appearance. They are perfect for hanging up photos and can double as pushpins. However, you would want to ensure you do not overload them, as the clamps might cause dents in your items.

With a moniker inspired by a dog’s rigid bite, bulldog clips are a versatile tool for those who love to organize. These spring-operated clips are typically made of metal and can be used to hold documents together, but they also have plenty of art-specific purposes: use them to attach watercolor paper onto a board, showcase pictures, or hold down pages when drawing. Not all bulldog clips are built equal, but there is a spectrum of options with various features that meet different needs.

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