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How iClass Smart Cards Make Your Life Easier

How iClass Smart Cards Make Your Life Easier

For security systems, HID proximity cards are the standard. HID proximity cards have done their job well and are a top choice for many in the security industry. Still, we live in a constantly-evolving world, and security is always a key concern in today’s fast-paced climate. As the world changes, so should our approaches to security. Your standard HID proximity cards are fantastic for basic use types, such as security and door access control, secure computer log-on, and printers and copy machines. Still, a question that we should always be asking is: what more can we do?

HID iClass smart cards offer additional benefits. Their flexibility and security can be highly beneficial in supporting a company’s growth. Not to mention, they make your life a whole lot easier. So what exactly are these benefits? We’ve listed them for you below. 

More Secure

HID proximity cards are still a great security option, but they do have their share of vulnerabilities. The data that moves between the card and the reader is a string of numbers corresponding to the card number itself. During the data transfer process, this data is susceptible to being either picked up on or skimmed. With iClass smart cards, data is transmitted from card to reader in the same way, but the data itself is encrypted with a secure algorithm. Each time the card sends a signal to the card reader, it uses a different code for authentication purposes. This intricate layer gives the iCard smart reader an extra level of security. 

More Flexibility

While HID proximity cards are great for computer log-on data or basic access control, iCard smart cards offer greater flexibility. They can be used for both logical and physical access, but you can also use them for:

  • Biometric authentication
  • Public transport ticketing
  • Cashless vending
  • Loyalty programs
  • And much more 

How are iClass smart cards able to offer this much flexibility? Well, each iClass smart card comes with different “compartments” which store different types of data. We’ll elaborate a little more on this as we come to our next point.

Expansive Support

So, just what is so special about these “compartments”? iClass smart cards have numerous options for the number of application areas you get on the card – namely, “compartments”. You have the option of 2k bit, 16k bit, and 32k bit. Each “compartment” can store a particular amount of data and there is a particular number of “compartments” for that data on each card. That means that while you start off using these cards for cashless vending or basic access control programs, you always have the option to add more data for other programs. This flexibility and support make the iClass smart card a premium choice in today’s environment, where things are always in flux. If your needs expand over time – as will likely happen – the iClass smart card is an ideal choice. While we’re still a fan of HID proximity cards, the HID iClass smart card is a step above. 

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