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How Does OMNIKEY Reader Work?

How Does OMNIKEY Reader Work?

Designed to support all types of smart cards for any application on all types of computers, OMNIKEY devices also support all relevant operating systems. Whether you use a Windows platforms, are running Linux or using a Mac OS, OMNIKEY products are designed for you. Here, we tackle your questions about the OMNIKEY reader – what does it do? How do you install it? We also unpack another device that comes up in conversations about OMNIKEY products, the HID, so that you have a comprehensive idea of what really goes into your OMNIKEY reader.

What is an OMNIKEY reader?

The OMNIKEY reader is a high-performance smart card reader. It’s meant for desktop use and has multiple standing options. Robustly housed, this device is like a swiss army knife. An easy-to-install USB device, you can use it for all types of contact smart operations, from banking online to digital signature applications. 

How Do You Install OMNIKEY?

Once you’ve stored the drivers on your computer, connect the OMNIKEY reader to the appropriate port. This port can be in the form of a USB, PCMCIA, or an ExpressCard. You can then start the installation process. When the Windows Hardware Wizard requests a driver, you can either select Install from a list or a specific location. 

What is HID Global? 

If you’ve heard of smart card readers, you’ll have heard of HID. HID Global was formed in 1991. The acronym stands for Hughes Identification Devices, which is a subsidiary of Huges Aircraft Company. HID Global was first formed to develop radio frequency identification technologies. Now headquartered in Austin, Texas, HID Global has over 3,000 employees throughout the world. It operates offices in over 100 countries and is part of the ASSA ABLOY Group Brand.

What is an HID Compliant Device?

A Human Interface Device (HID) is a class of peripheral devices. These devices allow people to input their data into or directly interact with the computer – think of a mouse, joystick, or keyboard. HID specifications are part of the USB standard. This means that your USB mice and all other USB input devices will be HID compliant.

How Does a HID Function in Computers?

You can replace your PS/2-style connectors with any generic USB drivers if you want to support HID devices such as your mouse, game controllers, and keyboards.

How Do You Install HID?

It’s simple:

  • Head to the official Microsoft Update Catalog website
  • Enter the details on which you would like to install the HID touch screen driver. Then click on the search button
  • Click “download” – your driver will then be downloaded as a CAB file.

Can Your Smart Card Reader Write?

Now that you’re more familiar with HIDs and OMNIKEY readers, you’ll want to know if smart card readers can write. USB dongles are frequently used in conjunction with GSM phones that contain SIM smart cards. This means that you can edit phone numbers on a PC with the use of a USB smart card dongle. In other words, smart card readers can also write to smart cards.
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