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2 Things You Need To Know About A PVC Card

2 Things You Need To Know About A PVC Card

PVC cards are very affordable which is why it is widely used among businesses and organizations. PVC is a very tough material which is a great option for ID cards. PVC ID cards should be used if you would like an efficient way of doing business. PVC stands for Polyvinyl Chloride which is a strong plastic polymer. Every year, about 40 million tons of PVC is being produced, making it the world’s most widely used polymer. Organizations or businesses often consider making PVC ID cards for security purposes. You should know that PVC is found in every room in your home and in your office. For security reasons, you should use PVC ID card holders so that it can be hung conveniently on your custom badge reels or custom lanyards. PVC cards are the best options to produce ID cards as they are very durable and flexible. You can choose to add some holographic and watermarks on the ID badges to ensure that the IDs are not fake. PVC makes it much more difficult for your IDs to be reproduced. This also reflects how professional your company or organization is. From an outsider’s perspective, it will make an expectational first impression. Additionally, it gives significant cost savings for you and your company! Here are some things you should know about PVC cards!

Different Types of PVC Cards

There are many different kinds of PVC cards that you can choose from. This way you can better customize the ID cards that suit you and your organization. The most common kind is the image grade CR-80 30 mil PVC card which are the standard ID cards. There is the CR-100 PVC card which provides a larger format compared to the image grade PVC card. There is even the 60/40 composite PVC card which is more durable than the standard PVC card. It contains a 60/40 blend of polyester and material which provides greater flexibility than the standard cards. You will find that there are many different sizes and features that you can choose from. If your organization is looking for sustainable options, you can choose PVC card paper that is made out of recycled materials.

PVC Card Security Features 

PVC ID card provides visual security which does not allow anyone to reprint your ID picture or other details. PVC cards prevent imposters from faking their identity by using simple printing technology. To ensure maximum security from your PVC card, it is recommended that the PVC ID cards have a holographic visual identification technology so that it becomes incredibly difficult to make a copy of your PVC card and alter it. The digital security feature in the PVC card determines access to certain areas or rooms in your office. You can choose a PVC card with magnetic strips or smart chips to create a more efficient and secure environment for all your workers. Additionally, it is so convenient as it allows your employees to access the area without taking the card out of their bags.

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