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Through our strategic alliances with HID Global and Identiv, we are able to offer many of their ID cards and accessories at volume discount prices. Below you'll find everything you need to start building, replacing, or expanding your card access control area.

If you don't know where to start or would like guidance on choosing the right solution for your business, feel free to contact us. Providing expert advice is what we do best!

This page will guide you to the access card solutions you need!

- Find your ID badge solutions below.

Key Fobs & Adhesive Tags Proximity Cards Wearable Technology
Shop Key Fobs and Adhesive Key Tags

Whether you're looking for an adhesive key tag solution, a programmed access fob or a great all around durable choice that can attach to a key ring, 3iD has you covered.

If you have any questions about what these mean for your business or want to ask about a custom solution that will fit your unique needs, we're just a phone call away at 1-800-316-7304.

You can find out more about individual products by choosing from the ones listed below.

Prox Cards

Proximity or Prox utilizes 125 kHz radio frequency in the form of contactless cards, fobs and tags. When held near an electronic reader device, they enable the identification of an encoded number and allows door entry.

Proximity cards are available in multiple formats - clamshell, printable PVC, retransfer ready composite, fobs and tags.

PVC Cards MIFARE/DESFire Cards HID iClass Seos Cards

PVC Cards, Plastic ID Cards and Adhesive Backed ID Cards

Our PVC Cards are graphic quality and come in standard white - with or without magnetic stripe

Adhesive backs are ideal for customizing and sticking onto ID badges,

100% PVC or 60/40 Composite PVC for superior durability and high usage. Each PVC card option is high quality and priced right!

Looking for Multi-Technology or Single-Technology Credentials? Learn more about the difference here.

HID iClass Cards

See the best prices on all our HID iClass cards, keys and tags.